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How Much Does Medical Treatment Cost Abroad?

Could you afford any of the examples below if you did not have international health, life or income protection in place?

How much does medical treatment cost, you’ve created your dream lifestyle overseas for you and your family. But if you do not have expat insurance in place, you may find that your lifestyle may be turned on its head if the unexpected happens.

That doesn’t have to mean serious illness either. Sometimes as simple as a sprained ankle or an infected insect bite could cost you thousands of dollars if you do not have medical insurance in place.

Our Health, Life and Income protection plans are designed for expats, can be shaped around your specific lifestyle and needs.


How much does medical treatment cost

Cancer treatment 

Average cancer costs $304,7901 from diagnosis to treatment completion. Cancer is covered in full on all our health plans.




Diabetes Treatment cost

Diabetes treatment 

Annual diabetes treatment costs $1,4922 in Hong Kong. Type-2 diabetes is increasingly common and can develop at any time.



Maternity Treatment cost

Maternity treatment 

On average maternity treatment $15,2893 in Hong Kong for an uncomplicated delivery.





Childhood Vaccines

Childhood vaccines

Childhood / adolescent vaccines cost around $1,6304 in HK. We offer well-child and maternity benefits on selected plans (waiting period apply).



How much does emergency services cost

Emergency services

Emergency services can charge you as much as $2,7005 for as little as a 2 mile journey in the US. We cover road ambulance in full on all our Elite plans.




Helicopter evac pic william russell



The average cost of Medevac is US$150,0006 depending on whether you are able to board a commercial flight.



overnight hospital costs
Overnight hospital stay 

Overnight stays in a private room in a Hong Kong hospital costs $5007 with an additional deposit of $7,644 for non-residents. We cover this in full with our Elite plans in Hong Kong.




Household debt income support

Household debt average 

The average household debt is $63,2158. Would your family be able to cover your debts or outgoings if anything happened to you?




monthly rent costs

Monthly rent 

One month’s rent costs $6,0569 in Luanda – our maximum life cover benefit is now $2m so your family’s future can be secured.



What’s the William Russell difference?

With more than 25 years’ experience in global insurance. William Russell has built up an international reputation for personal service, fair prices, and clear communication.


Here is how we can help expats like you…


william russell health insurance iconHealth Insurance

William Russell Health plans are designed with expats in mind. We work with medical providers and offer different levels of cover – allowing you to choose a plan that suits your lifestyle.

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william russell life insurance iconLife Insurance

William Russell Life cover is designed for expats who wish to safeguard the financial future of their family. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, the plan allows for early payment of the Life benefit upon diagnosis where the prognosis is 12 months or less.

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Income protection from william russellIncome Protection

William Russell Income protection plan is easy to apply for and allows you to receive a regular income benefit if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. With William Russell, you can protect your family’s lifestyle.

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