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Welcome to your health and wellbeing blog

Here, you will find a wealth of information on health and wellbeing for you and your family. Whether you are planning a move to Hong Kong or you are already living in Hong Kong, you will find a range of articles on health, insurance insights, expat stories and local insights.

Health, Income & Protection, Insurance Insights, Top Picks

How to Relocate Staff Overseas Successfully

What’s the real value of international employee benefits for businesses?

Business insurance people in office foyer

Health, Income & Protection, Insurance Insights

The True Value of Good International Employee Benefits

The right benefits package can be difficult to find for businesses with staff who either live and work in one country as foreign nationals or travel extensively in connection with their work. Our range of health and protection plans are designed exclusively for expats and international businesses.


Hong Kong City Guide

Culture and Customs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is situated east of the Pearl River and is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ where the east meets the west.


Health, Hong Kong City Guide

The Healthcare System in Hong Kong

How does the healthcare system work for expats in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong school info for expats

Hong Kong City Guide, Top Picks

Hong Kong Schools and What Expats Parents Need to Know

When moving to a new country as an expat parent, you will need to consider what schooling options are available for your family.


Hong Kong City Guide, Top Picks

The Future of Hong Kong

Hong Kong – what does the future hold? Hong Kong is a fast-growing metropolis that has ambitious plans for the future. It has long been seen as an appealing place to live, work and invest by expats, and is one of the world’s top financial centres.

William Russell Ltd appoints new Global Head of Sales


William Russell appoints Commercial Director

William Russell appoints Michael Lewars as Commercial Director, leading the sales and member experience teams.


Hong Kong City Guide

A Checklist for Moving to Hong Kong

A cultural melting pot with something new to discover around every corner, the exciting and exotic city of Hong Kong is a desirable destination for expats.


Dubai City Guides

A Checklist for Moving to Dubai

A sprawling desert city crowned with gleaming high-rises, the modern city of Dubai symbolises middle-eastern ambition. With its modern foundations built upon the dried-out riverbed of a tiny fishing village, Dubai is a hive of innovation, diversity and opportunity and, with its beautiful sandy coastline, is an attractive location for a global community of expats.

William-russell-insurance for expats

Expat Stories, Health, Top Picks

How Does Physical Activity Affect Your Health?

How important is it to stay active as we age and what kind of activity brings the most benefits?



What You Need to Know about Antibiotics Resistance

Many countries have strict rules governing the use of antibiotics. In the UK, Europe and US, they will only be prescribed if a doctor is confident the cause of an illness is bacterial and not caused by a virus or other pathogen. However, not all countries are so vigilant.


Dubai City Guides

What to Expect from Dubai’s Culture & Lifestyle

Modern Dubai is a multicultural and diverse city, that has developed rapidly since its origins as a fishing and trading port in the early 1900s.

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