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Low claims discount

We are introducing a new, Low Claims Discount, exclusively for residents of Hong Kong. This is available for our individuals and families, and groups/ businesses are not eligible for this discount.  If you are eligible for a Low Claims Discount, it will already have been applied to your premium.

Read more about how it works below.


Terms & Conditions


Your policy will qualify for the Low claims discount if

 All persons covered under your policy are Hong Kong residents, and:

  • Your policy comes up for renewal in 2019 and you satisfy the eligibility criterion below, or
  • You are a new customer joining in 2019

If you are an existing customer

When your policy comes up for renewal in 2019,  this is how we will assess if you are eligible for the Low Claims Discount:

  • We will take the total premium, (net of insurance premium tax), you have paid to us since your renewal date in 2016, or since your date of entry if later.
  • We will calculate the total amount we have paid in respect of claims received during the same period, and add in any pending claims

If the claims we have received + the claims pending amount is equal to or less than 35% of the total premium you have paid to us, you will be eligible for the Low Claims Discount.

Pending claims are claims we have been notified of. We will make an estimate of the pending claim value.

Important Notes

If we receive claims for treatment where the treatment date is before the date on which we issue our renewal invoice, we will withdraw the Low Claims Discount, and you will have to pay the full 2019 renewal premium.

If you have already paid your premium less the 15% discount, we will deduct the amount of the discount from your claim payment.

The Low Claims Discount applies per household. So, if your family has separate policies, we will total the premiums and claims from all policies registered to your household when we calculate whether your policies are eligible for the Low Claims Discount.


If you are receiving treatment for cancer which is covered by your plan, you will benefit from the Low Claims Discount.

Special terms for customers who joined prior to 2019

For as long as your policy is eligible to receive the Low Claims Discount, we will not apply the 15% co-pay on out-patient treatment claims if you are covered by the Bronze or Silver plans.

As soon as your policy loses its entitlement to the Low Claims Discount, the 15% co-pay on out-patient treatment will apply from your renewal date.

The Low Claims Discount

The Low Claims Discount is 15% of the gross premium, net of any insurance premium tax.

We reserve the right to alter the Low Claims Discount in the future, to alter the terms of the Low Claims Discount, and/or to withdraw the Low Claims discount, at our discretion, at any time.